Month: June 2015

Give your own design thinking workshop within one hour through the 7 steps of design thinking

Claudio Marseglia

Design thinking is an innovation tool that can be used in any marketing and/or research and development department. If your company needs to become innovative or more innovative than its competition then design thinking is an extremely valuable process. It transforms old established innovation processes into new creative and valuable ones. Centered around design thinking are the 3Ps: People, Place, Process. With people one means having diversity in the team, with place one means having creativity in the room and with process one means having interconnectivity through the 7 steps of design thinking. I want to focus on the 7 steps of design thinking and provide you a step by step guide that enables you to give your own design thinking workshop within one hour. For this, I adapted the design thinking process of the Institute of Design at Stanford.

First empathize. Split up the diverse team into single interviewers…

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